The Camso Track Systems Group designs, engineers and manufactures tracks for defense applications, providing the most mature technology available for mission survivability in hostile environments.

Successfully fielded products include the M105 Deployable Universal Combat Earthmover (DEUCE) and the TALON™ – SWORDS robot for Special Operations Command/U.S. Army

Camso recently introduced the Camso track for the BV-206 vehicle which was successfully tested and evaluated by Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish armies. These tracks are available for ordering through NLSE for NATO member and partner states.

Our tracks for Defense are now considered as the best externally driven track for BV-206 vehicle.

Snow, Ice, Mud, Sand, Highway: nothing stops Camso’s  BV-206 track.

  • Unique treadbar pattern for better performance in snow and soft terrain
  • All-rubber guide design prolongs road wheel life
  • Fiberglass reinforcement rods provide flexibility and durability
  • Exclusive track design delivers lower vibration and reduced noise levels*
  • Lightest-weight track on the market for better fuel economy
  • Fits original Hagglunds undercarriage
  • NATO/NAMSA approved

*Independent testing has shown noise levels up to 50% lower than competitor tracks

Note: Other track lengths are available to fit NASU 110, BRT87D and other vehicles.