Camso ATV T4S System

Why compromise power for mobility? The Camso ATV T4S system is the all-season, all-terrain upgrade that delivers all the power and handling you expect from your ATV. Enjoy optimum performance all year long regardless of weather.

The Flex Advantage Design

Camso's exclusive patented flex-track technology offers unmatched stability, comfort and control with a genuine wheel-like feel

Idler and Mid-Roller Wheel Design

Camso idler and roller wheels are built to last. The wheel geometry for better weight distribution, reduced vibration and improved track durability withstand all severe weather conditions

The most advanced four season system

  • Lightest weight in its category
  • Engine-specific gearing for all machines 300cc and larger
  • Balanced configuration ensures optimum stability and steering
  • Unique idler and mid-roller wheel designs are engineered for true four-season use
  • Interchangeable with over 99% of 4-wheeled drive vehicles built as of 1986
  • Fast, easy swap from wheels to tracks and back again
  • Two-year limited warranty

Geared to your machine for efficiency and speed

The size of the drive sprockets we provide in your track kit are specifically engineered and adapted to your specific vehicle.

Robust brackets and mounting kits to protect your vehicle

Easy to install mounting systems are matched to your machines make and model to keep tracks firmly in place and ensure your vehicle performs to your expectations.

Solid-steel frames built for riding comfort

Our track frames are engineered for less vibration and a truly comfortable ride.

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